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Argent Developers, London

The construction company Argent in London has been operating since 1981. The developer participates in the full cycle of real estate construction, by selecting a land plot, developing a building project, receiving a construction permit and financing, and managing the construction process. It is also engaged in rental housing, asset management, and sales.

In March 2015, the construction companies Argent entered into a new long-term partnership with a major American Developer Related, creating Argent Related.

The company is entering global economic markets to implement new major projects across the UK. The developer is also looking to expand its rental housing portfolio.

The Beginning of Sales of Off-plan Projects from Argent

Modern real estate from Argent showcases large multifunctional projects, such as Brent Cross Town. This is a neighborhood in northwest London with residential buildings, office centers, shops, cafés, entertainment venues, and outdoor areas for sports and recreation. The project is still under construction, but people can purchase off-plan property in London at an affordable price from the construction company, with 1, 2, or 3-bedroom apartments available to residents in new buildings such as Cadence, Luma King's Cross, Tottenham Hale, and other residential complexes.

You can become acquainted with the fantastic real estate prices from local developers in London, UK, in the catalog of our website.

Completed Residential Complexes from the Argent Construction Company

Argent construction companies in London own some of the best multifunctional complexes in the UK, including large commercial, residential, educational, cultural, and public real estate. The most popular innovative projects of the developer are King's Cross in London, Hudson Yards and Deutsche Bank Center in New York, Brindleyplace in Birmingham, and The Grand LA in Los Angeles.

Its work goes beyond construction. The developer specializes in services, art, culture, events, education, training, professional development programs, and renewable energy systems.

Argent's Six Key Principles

  1. The company implements large multifunctional projects, brings fresh ideas to the UK real estate market, and invests in schools, and public and cultural complexes.
  2. During the construction of buildings, the developer introduces technologies to reduce carbon emissions.
  3. The company strives for financial growth for everyone through its financial stability.
  4. The company expands its capabilities by using modern technologies and introducing new ideas.
  5. The developer strives for a long-term development perspective – it is not interested in short-term benefits. For this reason, it is implementing major projects in London.
  6. The company relies on the knowledge, experience, and connections of its employees and partners, from architects and artists to residents and teachers.

Argent’s Investment Appeal

Property from Argent, such as apartments and houses, will be an excellent investment. Real estate from the developer in Argent will be in great demand among tenants and buyers due to its convenient location, proximity to public transport stops, and high-quality social infrastructure. Owners of residential real estate in London can expect a profit of 2.5 to 4.5% per year.

Properties for Sale from Argent

Today, you can purchase real estate from Argent, a reliable developer, UK, with the help of our specialists. We will help you choose the best option for an apartment or house for investment or personal use. Our experts will give you competent advice on buying a property in London and help you calculate the income from investing in a new building in England.