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One Housing Group

One Housing Group
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One Housing Group Developers, London

One Housing Group, one of the major developers in London, England, is part of The Riverside Group Limited. The company operates as both a real estate association and a non-profit public organization.

Construction companies One Housing Group offers various real estate options, including:

  • social rental property in partnership with local authorities;
  • affordable rentals;
  • co-ownership properties;
  • real estate for private rental and sale.

The company owns and operates more than 17,000 homes in London and the South East of England, and is a landlord to over 35,000 residents. The developer strives to create high-quality and safe real estate for its clients.

New Buildings for Sale from One Housing Group

The construction company One Housing Group in London offers for sale comfortable houses with 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms, as well as apartments in the new Granville Gardens residential complex. It is located in Granville Road next to Childs Hill Park. You can choose the right option for you between either 100% personal ownership or joint property. The second option is available for first-time buyers. This program gives you the opportunity to purchase a share of real estate from 25% to 75% and pay monthly rent for the rest of the property. Owners of such houses and apartments can gradually buy out the remaining share and fully own the property.

The company is developing new residential complexes such as The Bellamy, the Lea Bridge Road Station Sites, and others.

Completed Residential Complexes from the One Housing Group Construction Company

These construction companies in London own several residential buildings. As a real estate association with strong social goals, the One Housing Group strives to increase the number of affordable homes in the city.

Its main priority is to build houses with a 50% share in joint ownership. In addition, this reliable developer, UK, is engaged in the reconstruction and overhaul of residential complexes.

Ready-to-move-in residential complexes include Belmont Place in Blackheath, Montmorency Park in New Southgate with apartments and houses, and Nunhead Green in Nunhead.

Key Features of the One Housing Group

Property from One Housing Group is high–quality housing and apartments at an affordable price. The main purpose of such properties is to create comfortable living conditions for a wide range of people. The company is active in social events, providing support to vulnerable people.

The focus of this developer in London, England, is on building affordable real estate, renovating the old quarters of the city, and creating social projects to benefit the elderly and less fortunate. The organization takes an active part in charity projects.

One Housing Group’s Investment Appeal

Property for sale in London has always been and remains a reliable investment tool. In the capital of Great Britain, there is a constant high demand for rental properties, so investors can earn both on renting out real estate and on its resale.

Apartments, houses, and other real estate from One Housing Group have a good location and are offered at affordable prices so even small investors can afford to buy such properties. Rental properties in London can bring their owner a profit of 2.5% to 4.5%.

Properties for Sale from One Housing Group

Today, you can purchase a property from the developer in One Housing Group with the help of our specialists. Pick up a suitable home with a convenient search on our website. Ask our experts questions about buying apartments in new buildings and off-plan residential complexes in London. We will help you find the best house or apartment for investment or personal use.