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Townhouses in London

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Townhouses for sale in London, United Kingdom

A townhouse in London, England, UK, is an attractive object for investors seeking to obtain a stable rental profit or capital gains, and end users planning to move to the capital of the United Kingdom. This type of residential facility offers a number of advantages, including relatively low cost and high profitability. It is an excellent option for novice investors with a limited budget who are interested in real estate in London.

A townhouse is a low–rise property divided into several apartments, each of which, as a rule, has a separate entrance. A person who owns such a house always has a neighbor behind the wall, but there is no one who lives above or below him. Often it has its own basement, driveway, garage and backyard. When purchasing this type of real estate, the buyer also gets ownership of a land plot, which makes him responsible for external maintenance, including the roof and yard.

Among the key advantages of townhouses are the following factors:

  1. Lower cost. Prices for townhouses in London, as a rule, are significantly lower than for ordinary houses. This is one of the main reasons why buying this type of property is a good investment. It is easier for newcomers to the investment market to form their portfolios when they start with such assets (even if they own a small capital, since this requires a smaller down payment than to purchase houses in London).
  2. Positive cash flow. Cash flow is the money that remains from rental income after expenses are paid off. Since the townhouse is relatively affordable, its owner will be able to quickly return the invested funds by renting. Positive cash flow is one of the key indicators of profitable rental real estate. Even if the buyer has taken out a mortgage loan, lower mortgage payments can still bring him a positive result at the end of each month. Of course, it will depend on the amount of rent.
  3. Capital gains. Like other properties, the cost of townhouses increases over time, although not as much as the cost of ordinary single-family homes. If the property is located in a popular area of London and has excellent condition, it is guaranteed to increase in price.

Prices for townhouses

Townhouses in London for foreigners are one of the most popular types of real estate. The reason for such popularity, as already mentioned above, is the relatively low cost. Current prices in euros and dollars are presented on the official website of «London Realestate». The following table shows the average cost of townhouses in the British capital:

Square (m2)

Number of bedrooms

Facilities and equipment

Average prices (euros)



Household appliances, ceramic tiles on the bathroom floor, heated towel rail with thermostat, carpet in all bedrooms, dressing rooms and stairwells, underfloor heating, private garden, two parking spaces, terrace, golf course

2,2 million



Household appliances, built-in refrigerator for wine, ceramic tiles on the bathroom floor, underfloor heating, private garden, two Parking spaces, terrace, sash windows, office and office space

1,9 million



High ceilings, underfloor heating, dressing rooms, designer kitchens, household appliances, underground Parking with entrance to the house, house territory, gym, garden and concierge service on the territory of the complex

2,9 million

Investment in townhouses in London

To invest in a London townhouse and get a good return, it is not enough just to look for the cheapest property. The buyer needs to find out whether the object he is considering will bring a high and stable rental income. He should also choose between a traditional lease and a short-term lease on Airbnb.

Here are three steps by which you can find out whether a particular townhouse will bring the ideal rental income:

  1. Set the rent. First of all, the landlord should analyze the rented townhouses located in the same area. In this matter, it is important to identify the features of the objects under consideration and how they affect their rent. For example, the availability of additional amenities, such as a garage, a terrace, a barbecue area, etc., as a rule, increases this amount.  According to the information received, the owner of the property will be able to set a fair rent for his townhouse.
  2. Estimate the costs. Next, the landlord needs to make a list of expenses related to real estate, including mortgage payments, taxes, property insurance and utility bills.
  3. Calculate the cash flow. Now you can calculate the cash flow by subtracting the estimated costs from the expected rent. A positive result means that the owner will profit from this property. If the investor is satisfied with the size of this profit, he should buy a townhouse in London for investment.

Our assistance in buying a townhouse in London

A wide range of residential and commercial real estate from reliable agencies, private sellers and construction companies in London is presented on the official website of «London Realestate». Due to a convenient search engine with many filters, users of the online platform can find suitable properties that meet all the necessary criteria. The «London Realestate» team includes only highly qualified specialists with many years of experience. Contact them to get help with the selection of real estate, support at all stages of the transaction and after-sales service.