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Off-plan apartments in London

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Off-plan apartments for sale in London

Investment in real estate in London allows you to save money from inflation, as well as increase it in the future. An off-plan apartment in London, England, UK, is a profitable investment. Prices for the delivery of the object increase by several tens of percent. The sale of apartments from a developer in London makes it possible to choose the optimal layout and type of finishing.

Real estate at the excavation stage is sold cheaper than in ready-to-move residential complexes. The cost of an off-plan apartment depends on the degree of comfort of the future building, as well as its location. In central London, prices are much higher than in the suburbs. If prices for one-bedroom apartments in the center start from €600,000 - 700,000, then the cost of apartments in an off-plan property in London in the suburbs is €300,000 - 400,000. At the same time, a developed transport infrastructure and an extensive metro network allows you to get to the central part of the city from any point on the outskirts in a few tens of minutes.


An off-plan apartment at the developer's price has a wide range of advantages compared to secondary housing facilities that have a long history. Among the advantages can be noted:

  • availability of internal infrastructure in the form of swimming pools, sports complexes, playgrounds;
  • possibility of purchasing a parking space;
  • high quality construction using energy-saving materials.

Investment in an apartment under construction in London

Investments in apartments in the residential complex at the excavation stage are profitable:

  • Lower cost in comparison with similar already commissioned properties.
  • A winning payment system. Prices for off-plan apartments in London include an initial payment of 10-30% of the cost. The remaining payments are made in accordance with the agreed plan. Most of the amount is paid at the time of delivery of the house.
  • Additional savings in case of budget deficit. Many developers in London offer installments. This allows you to do without additional overpayments on mortgage payments

Besides, among the reasons to buy off-plan apartments, you can highlight the capitalization of the cost. Every year, real estate in the metropolis is becoming more expensive by 7%-10%.

Apartments in residential complexes under construction at the developer’s price

The peculiarity of local construction is that new buildings should not spoil the architectural appearance of the city. In some areas, the construction of buildings with a height of more than six floors is prohibited, so as not to spoil the views of Tower Bridge and other attractions of London. Off-plan apartments in London are offered not only on floors above ground. The basement room can also be used for the construction of apartments. Such layouts have their advantages. As a rule, this is a large ceiling height, which in typical projects does not exceed 2.5 m, as well as the possibility of access to the garden, if such is provided by the project. Another feature is the limited number of parking spaces. Parking spaces are not provided for owners of one-bedroom apartments in principle. Only owners of apartments with two or more bedrooms can purchase it.

Foreigners can buy a house in London. There are no restrictions on the sale of real estate to expats in the city. There are no restrictions on mortgage loans. However, each bank has its own requirements for customers. Besides, foreigners can dispose of housing at their discretion, including renting both daily and for a long time. A well-established service with the involvement of specialists allows you to do this remotely.

Our assistance in buyin an apartment in a new building under construction in London

The catalog contains current ads from developers and local real estate agencies. You can find not only off-plan apartments from the developer, but also ready-to-move properties. The search system is equipped with filters. Search parameters can be set by property type, number of bedrooms, area, cost limit. You can get acquainted with the offers of the British real estate market in real time. It is possible to choose prices in euros and dollars. Specialists will help you buy an apartment in London for permanent residence or as an investment. To get a consultation, it is enough to fill out the feedback form.