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Duplexes in London

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Duplexes for sale in London, United Kingdom

A duplex in London, England, UK, can be an excellent asset for increasing your well-being. Investors choosing this type of real estate can count on stable rental income and high capital gains. The main thing in this matter (as with any other types of residential units) is a strategic approach to choosing the location and assessing the condition of the property. A high–quality duplex in a popular area of the British capital is a guarantee of a good return on investment in real estate in London.

Duplex is a type of real estate that is often confused with townhouses. It is a low-rise residential facility consisting of two apartments with separate entrances. A person living in a duplex has no neighbors from above or below, but there are neighbors behind the wall. Its main difference from a townhouse is that it is designed for no more than two families. Like townhouses, most duplexes have their own basements, driveways, garages and backyards. In this type of property, only the roof and the wall that separates the apartments are common.

Prices for duplexes in London are quite favorable compared to prices for other types of local real estate (including houses in London for one family). More detailed information about their cost can be found below.

Prices for duplexes

Duplexes in London for foreigners are an investment-attractive asset. And the main factor that affects this attractiveness is the extremely favorable cost. You can get acquainted with the current prices in euros and dollars on the official website of «London Realestate». The following table shows the average cost of duplexes in the capital of the United Kingdom and the criteria that affect it:

Square (m2)

Number of bedrooms

Facilities and equipment

Average prices (euros)



Designer kitchen, premium appliances, double glazing, heated towel rails, bathroom furniture, well-maintained backyard, Parking, balcony

1,6 million



Ceramic tile floors, premium carpeting in the bedrooms, household appliances, German kitchen, custom design project, USB sockets, door lock with video, two Parking spaces, underfloor heating, balcony

2,9 million



Finishing made by VERSACE Home, household appliances, USB sockets, door lock with video, two Parking spaces, underfloor heating, balcony, garden

1,1 million

Investment in duplexes in London

Among the key reasons to invest in a London duplex are the following factors:

  1. Global market. The real estate market of the British capital receives investments from Asia, North and South America, India, the Middle East and other European countries. Therefore, the capital of investors who invest in local facilities is protected from inflation, market volatility and various risks. London has long been considered a haven for many. Since there are no restrictions for foreign investors to purchase local real estate, they go through the same transaction process as British citizens.
  2. Transparency. The UK real estate sector has become extremely transparent due to the abundance of independent research, industry audits and data that can be accessed with just the click of a button. This served to create an easy-to-understand market. Jones Lang Lasalle has ranked the UK 3rd in the ranking of the most transparent real estate sectors in the world. The local regulatory framework is convenient for foreign investors and has no obstacles to transferring funds from one country to another.
  3. Liquidity. Many foreigners decide to buy a duplex in London for investment, as there is always an exit strategy in the local market. Even when he is faced with the worst conditions, at any moment there will be a buyer interested in the real estate for sale. Therefore, the British capital is a safe and stable harbor, relatively protected from global fluctuations. Capital gains are strong and rental income remains stable. Investors are attracted by a wide range of residential and commercial properties that can be adapted to the needs of a wide variety of tenants and buyers.

Our assistance in buying a duplex in London

A wide range of residential and commercial real estate from reliable agencies, private sellers and construction companies in London is presented on the official website of «London Realestate». Due to a convenient search engine with many filters, users of the online platform can find suitable properties that meet all the necessary criteria. The «London Realestate» team includes only highly qualified specialists with many years of experience. Contact them to get help with the selection of real estate, support at all stages of the transaction and after-sales service.