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  • How to get a residence permit in the UK?

    Real estate in London and other popular UK cities has always been in demand among foreign nationals planning to relocate to the country for the sake of study, work, business, or family reunion. About 14% of the UK population is foreign-born. 35% of them reside in London. Before relocating, foreigners have to prepare a set of documents...

  • The process of acquiring real estate in the UK for foreigners

    Foreign citizens who plan to relocate to the United Kingdom or stay in the country for a long period most often decide to purchase real estate in London or another advanced city. How to buy a home in Great Britain in 2023, how to become a property owner for citizens of the Russian Federation, and the property taxes in the UK for non-residents. We...

  • Foreigners’ pros and cons of living in London

    London is an extremely sought-after city among foreigners, and Russian nationals are no exception. The rich history of the British capital, its cultural attractions, and modern infrastructure have made the local property market one of the most investment-attractive in the world. However, real estate in London attracts a demand not only from...

  • An overview of prices and potential for the housing market in London for 2022-2023

    Real estate in London remains one of the most investment-attractive assets in the world. The British capital city attracts residential investors and end-users due to its well-developed infrastructure, strong tourism sector, business opportunities, and high quality of life. Below, we will discuss the way apartment prices in London 2022 have...

  • Investment guidelines or where to put money with low risk

    The COVID-19 pandemic, the military conflict in Ukraine, and the withdrawal of foreign companies from the Russian market are all factors that are hurting the country’s economy and citizens’ incomes. Russians have to think about where to invest properly and which assets have the lowest risk for owners. What is the benefit of...