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Penthouses in London

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Penthouses for sale in London, United Kingdom

A penthouse in London, England, UK is one of the best investments that an investor seeking a high income or an end user planning to move to Europe on a permanent basis can make. This type of residential unit, as a rule, guarantees picturesque views, a secluded environment and a large amount of space. At first real estate in London, and especially local two-storey apartments on the top floor, may seem like an expensive investment. However, owning a penthouse in the British capital opens up many interesting advantages, thanks to which such a purchase will be worth every cent.

The owners of penthouses in London fall into the category of selected people who have an exclusive view of the city and, as a rule, a number of additional amenities that are not available in apartments located on the lower floors. Due to its location on the roof of a skyscraper, this type of property also boasts higher ceilings, panoramic windows and plenty of natural light.

The layout of the penthouses is also very different from the residential units located below. As a rule, it has fewer load-bearing walls, which makes the room seem even more spacious. It is not uncommon for owners of this type of property to install jacuzzis, gyms, infinity pools, yoga areas and roof gardens in an attempt to individually modernize their homes.

Life in a London penthouse is distinguished by an exceptional level of peace and quiet, as the height usually muffles the noise and bustle that are inherent in the dynamic British capital. The peaceful atmosphere makes this type of housing a hit among wealthy entrepreneurs and careerists who need a full rest in their free time.

Another privilege that most owners of penthouses in London get access to is the presence of an express elevator with additional protection of a key card for access to the floor.

Average prices for penthouses in London are presented below.

Prices for penthouses

Penthouses in London for foreigners are one of the most investment-attractive assets. Their prices in euros and dollars are presented in the catalog of the online platform «London». The following table shows the average cost of this type of property located in the British capital:

Square (m2)

Number of bedrooms


Facilities and equipment

Average prices (euros)




Ceramic tile floors, premium carpeting, household appliances in the kitchen and utility room, USB sockets, door lock with video, two Parking spaces, underfloor heating, walk-in closets, guest toilet, winter garden, Internet, TV

2,9 million




Sitting area with fireplace, dressing rooms, study, luxury decoration, private elevator, circular terrace, two underground Parking spaces, household appliances, underfloor heating, natural parquet, Internet, TV

13,5 million




Carpeting, fireplace, two terraces, guest toilet, storage room, living room with dining room and open kitchen, shared garden, underground parking spaces, gym back, 24-hour security, concierge service, Internet, TV

7,3 million

Investment in penthouses in London

Buyers from all over the world decide to invest in a London penthouse for numerous reasons, the most common of which is the limited supply. Since this type of real estate is a dwelling located on the roof or top floor of a skyscraper, its number is significantly less in relation to ordinary apartments. A limited offer is a guarantee of higher cost and rent.

Astute investors will always look at the numbers and consider the potential return on investment before making a deal. On average, it is encouraging that penthouses are less susceptible to market volatility and are sold more expensive than conventional ones apartments in London. Another important fact is that this type of property attracts an elite pool of buyers, which means that issues of price and disposable income are usually not the determining factors.

Among other reasons why experienced entrepreneurs decide to buy a penthouse in London for investment, it is necessary to highlight such factors as:

  1. A safe haven for investment. London has the status of a safe haven for real estate investments. Local and foreign buyers can choose from a large number of offers. The latter do not face any restrictions and have the same rights as British citizens in matters of purchase and sale.
  2. Protection against inflation. London real estate is one of the most attractive investment properties in the world. It provides protection against inflation, strong capital gains and stable rental income in the long term. Moreover, the local market never stops – even COVID-19 has not become an obstacle to the conclusion of transactions for the purchase and sale of residential and commercial units.

Our assistance in buying a penthouse in London

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