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New apartments in London

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Apartment in new buildings in London

Real estate in London attracts investors from around the world. The capital of Great Britain is the largest financial, business and tourist center. This is the concentration of business activity and the main attractions of the country. Buying an apartment at the price of a developer in London allows you to become the owner of a home to invest money profitably. In the future, you can make a profit from the purchased object or use it to move to a permanent place of residence in England.

The sale of apartments from a developer in London allows you to choose the optimal format of the housing stock for any purpose. Construction is actively underway in the metropolis. However, it should be borne in mind that buildings are being built with the preservation of the architectural style of building a particular area. Therefore, medium-rise houses dominate in the capital of Great Britain. Skyscrapers dominating in the USA are less common here. Investments in apartments under construction in new buildings in London, England, United Kingdom remain the most profitable at the start of sales. Prices for the delivery of the object increase by several tens of percent.


The capital of Great Britain is an international city. Due to the large number of expats, there are no difficulties with adaptation when moving.  The advantages of the metropolis are the following:

  • A large number of cultural events, free museums, attractions.
  • Developed infrastructure and public transport. Most locals choose buses, metro and taxis for transportation, rather than a personal car, since such trips are more economically profitable. No need to think about the costs of maintaining a car and parking space. At the same time, you can quickly get to any of the districts of the capital, including the suburbs.
  • High quality education and many educational institutions whose reputation is known all over the world.
  • Lack of difficulties with employment due to the large number of jobs in different industries.

Investment in an apartment from a developer in London

An apartment in a new building for investment and permanent residence is a profitable investment. Among the advantages of investing in foreign real estate can be noted:

  • Saving money from inflation.
  • Capitalization of the value of the housing stock. On average, over the past decade, it has reached 7-10% daily.
  • The possibility of income from the rental of property.

Lots of construction companies in London offer buyers apartments in a new building in London in installments. This allows you to purchase housing even with a budget deficit, while not incurring unnecessary expenses for paying interest on a bank loan. The latter also remains possible for foreigners.

Apartments at the developer’s price

The cost of apartments in a new building depends on the location of the building and the area of the property. The metropolis is divided into six zones, numbering of which is based on the principle of proximity to the center. There are separate districts inside each zone. The most expensive housing is in the first and second zones. The highest value real estate in Kensington, Chelsea, Westminster. In the Chelsea Borough area, the price of one square meter of area exceeds €25,000. The most affordable cost per square meter in the Parking Lot and Dagenham, it is about $5,000.

Minimum prices for apartments in new buildings in London start from €300,000. For this amount, you can buy an apartment in a new building in London with one bedroom in the suburbs. Two bedrooms in the Hounslow area are offered for €448,000. Hounslow is located on the outskirts in the south-west part of London. At the same time, in central Westminster, for the same amount, you can buy an apartment with only one bedroom. The cost of an apartment in a residential complex with two bedrooms starts from €900,000. This is an order of magnitude cheaper than the price of detached houses. In the central areas, you can buy a house in London worth from €6.5 million.

Our assistance in buying an apartment in a new building in London

The site presents on-plan apartments in the residential complex in London and properties under construction. The search system is equipped with filters, the use of which allows you to find the required property in any of the districts of the British capital. You can choose the desired type of property, the number of bedrooms, prices in euros and dollars. Specialists are ready to advise on the purchase of an apartment in new buildings in London, UK, in real time. To do this, just fill out the feedback form.