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Investment guidelines or where to put money with low risk

Investment guidelines or where to put money with low risk

The COVID-19 pandemic, the military conflict in Ukraine, and the withdrawal of foreign companies from the Russian market are all factors that are hurting the country’s economy and citizens’ incomes. Russians have to think about where to invest properly and which assets have the lowest risk for owners. What is the benefit of investing today, and how to prepare for investing in overseas properties? We will discuss everything below.



An investor should formulate a plan to understand the best way to invest money. This plan should entail more than just a list of selected stocks or real estate to buy. The investor should analyze his financial position and goals for the future, determine the limits of acceptable risk, and so on.

Key steps before capital placement:

  1. Determine the amount that you can spend on investments. For this, it is necessary to analyze your budget and understand the amount of money left after monthly expenses.
  2. Set financial goals and time frames. Consider the purpose for which you will invest your money. Perhaps you might be planning to buy a new car or ensure a comfortable standard of living for retirement. Set a time limit for reaching your goal.
  3. Determine your acceptable risk level. As a rule, young people act more boldly and decisively, since their portfolios have enough time to recover. Keep in mind that risky assets can bring both significant profits and serious losses.
  4. Decide where to invest. The most widespread investment options for generating a passive income can be found below.

How to invest money for passive income

Passive income is what most investors seek. Let’s discuss the main options to achieve it:

Mutual investment funds

A mutual investment fund is a company that unites and invests the capital of a group of investors in securities to make a profit. The income of each individual and legal entity involved in a mutual fund depends on the number of funds invested in shares.

Some of the key reasons for investing in a mutual fund are:

  1. Risk diversification. Any stock suffers from three types of risk: company risk, industry risk, and market risk. The market type is systematic. Non-systematic risks, i.e., company and industry types, are diversified by mutual funds. This helps protect capital against severe losses.
  2. Low capital investment. You can start investing in mutual funds with relatively small amounts. These funds are based on the pooling of capital.
  3. Experience in investments. Investments in securities require significant knowledge of financial markets, industries, and individual companies. The main advantage of mutual funds is that they are managed by professionals with the required qualifications to select the right stocks and obtain the best risk-adjusted returns.

Mutual fund investments, like any other type, bring certain risks. Mutual fund participants can lose all or a large part of their money if the value of the securities drops sharply.

Currencies and precious metals

Currency and precious metals are among the oldest and most common investment methods and remain relevant to this day, offering several advantages to investors. Currency investments are appealing due to their simplicity, as acquisition and sales can be completed at any time with a smartphone. This option will be perfect for investors who understand the current political and economic events in the world and who can determine their influence on the currency’s behavior.

The investment option in precious metals also has several advantages:

  1. Immunity against inflation. Precious metal owners do not need to worry about inflation as precious metals do not lose value. Furthermore, every time there is a serious inflation surge, more people look to buy gold, silver, and other metals.
  2. High liquidity. Unlike other forms of assets that may require a considerable amount of time to sell, there will always be eager buyers for precious metals.
  3. Safety. Precious metals will be the right choice for investors who prefer to maintain a stable investment portfolio with an appropriate risk level. Even when the economy is in a deepening crisis, the value of gold and silver either remains the same or increases.

However, even these investments do not come without risks. Owners of precious metals will have to contend with the costs connected to storage and insurance.

Bank deposit

A bank deposit is one of the easiest ways to save money. Investors with limited financial resources usually select this choice as there are no significant risks involved. Choosing a reputable bank that values its reputation is crucial.

Keep in mind that individuals and legal entities who invest money in a bank should not count on quick, high profits. For example, investors who invest 70,000 rubles for 3 years at 10% per annum will only earn 21,000 rubles. This option is more suitable for those who want to reduce the damage from inflation.

Real estate

The purchase of a home to generate rental income is one of the most profitable ways to receive passive income. A residential property can become a reliable source of stable income if the investor approaches the process of choosing it correctly. As an example, let's take the real estate in London — one of the leading global tourist, economic, and cultural centers.

Investors decide to acquire a home in the capital of the United Kingdom for the following reasons:

  1. The popularity among ex-pats. Plenty of foreigners choose London as their permanent place of residence. A growing multicultural population and a developed economy attract investors interested in profiting from renting or reselling real estate.
  2. Well-developed infrastructure. One of the key reasons for London’s real estate investments is the modern transport links, including the Underground network and five international airports. The capital is home to numerous businesses, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, international banks, and leisure and recreation facilities. At the same time, 30% of the city is occupied by green areas.
  3. High yield. London is one of the most expensive cities in the world and this affects rental prices. Investors can choose from a wide variety of urban and suburban areas: rental income will always be high.

Expert advice: where to invest money in 2023

A person who does not know where to invest the money saved is losing out every day. Choosing the right asset, however, can be a difficult task. After all, every expert has his own opinion about what a truly profitable investment means. Most do agree that real estate is one of the best low-risk assets. Buyers of residential and commercial units have access to various strategies. They can profit by renting properties out or reselling them.

Where to invest in the global real estate market? The most profitable option will be housing and commercial units in well-developed metropolitan areas. In major cities, real estate is always in high demand and yields high returns. A preferable location for an investment unit is in a well-maintained area with schools, hospitals, shops, restaurants, parks, and other amenities. Good transport connections with other parts of the city and proximity to tourist attractions will also be a significant advantage.

How best to invest abroad

There are numerous ways to invest money abroad. The most successful investors choose properties in developed, densely populated cities that attract ex-pats and tourists. London, of course, is one of the most reliable options. The capital of Great Britain ranks at the top of the list of the most visited cities in the world for many years in a row.

A rich history, high quality of life, career opportunities, and lucrative real estate options make the city one of the safest places for investments. Houses in London pay off and start providing income to their owners in a short period. The main thing is to choose the right unit.

Real estate investments in London

There is a large selection of villas, duplexes, studios, and apartments in London available on the official London website. Before adding an offer to the catalog, service representatives thoroughly inspect it, ensuring that purchasers won't have to worry about the developer's financial security or reputation in the marketplace. To get assistance with choosing a residential or commercial property, support throughout the transaction, and excellent after-sales service, get in contact with the company's personnel immediately. Service representatives carefully check each offer before placing it in the catalog, so buyers do not have to worry about the safety of their funds and the business reputation of the developer. Contact the company's employees directly to get help with the selection of a residential or commercial property, support at all stages of the transaction, and high-quality after-sales service.

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