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Catalyst Developers, London

Catalyst is a member of the G15 Housing Association and one of the leading developers in London, England, in the residential real estate sector. This construction company manages more than 37,000 houses.

Real estate from the developer in Catalyst boasts a wide range of architectural solutions, layouts, and interior decor. Residential buildings are adapted to their locations, harmoniously blending into the environment.

The developer strives to build housing for a wide category of people and creates high-quality houses in different areas at various prices.

The main goal of Catalyst construction companies in London is to create modern housing and develop the infrastructure of residential areas.

The Beginning of Sales of Off-plan Projects from Catalyst

The construction company is currently developing several residential complexes in London. Real estate from Catalyst has recently been put into operation, and some properties are still under construction. The following are available off-plan residential complexes:

  • Collections of houses, such as Midsummer Vale, New Green, Honeybrooke, and The Lanes at Thorn Fields;
  • Newman Place, The Switch, and The Verdean apartment complexes;
  • Roan Place Residential Complex, with houses and apartments;
  • The Townhouse Collection at The Folium, with units of 4 bedrooms.

Completed Residential Complexes from the Construction Company, Catalyst

Construction companies Catalyst has an impressive portfolio. Over the years, the company has implemented many residential projects. Several houses have already been commissioned, and buyers can purchase housing in a new building.

For example, the residential complex of The Folium offers ready-to-move apartments with 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms. Recently, semi-detached and detached houses were put into operation in Kite Meadows.

Catalyst’s Main Advantages

Property from Catalyst features several advantages, including:

  • a large selection of housing types, from boutique apartments in the city center to cozy rustic-style family houses;
  • modern technologies to save resources in homes and apartments;
  • creative design, effective planning, and long-term investment in residential projects.

The company is responsible for large projects which have been presented with prestigious awards. According to its strategy, in 2022, the developer plans to build 1,300 houses a year.

Catalyst’s Investment Attractiveness

Today, investing in London real estate is a reliable way to save and increase capital. The construction company Catalyst in London is building housing that meets the highest quality standards. At the same time, buyers can choose the most suitable type of real estate, from small apartments to mansions. The construction company is building residential complexes in various parts of London and its suburbs. Investors can rent out housing and receive a stable passive income from 2.5% to 4.5% per annum.

Properties for Sale from Catalyst

The company is committed to making sure that a wide range of buyers can purchase a property in London. The "Freehold" system makes the purchase of a house or apartment more affordable, allowing you to purchase a share of residential real estate for 25% to 75% and pay rent below the market value for the remaining share. Subsequently, buyers can buy out the rest of the property and increase their ownership share to 100%.

Are you interested in buying a property in London from Catalyst, a reliable developer, UK? Contact our specialists. We will answer all your questions about the nuances of acquiring real estate in London and help you choose the most suitable housing option in the UK capital.

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