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Countryside Properties Developers in London

The construction company Countryside Properties in London is one of the leading developers in the UK. The company not only builds high-quality houses but also provides residents with excellent social infrastructure, including access to public transport, and improves the areas around the houses by creating lush green spaces. Countryside Properties developers in London, England, have three modular panel factories which allow them to build high-quality and eco-friendly housing within a short time frame.

Countryside Properties, a reliable developer, UK, has repeatedly received prestigious awards in design, community development, customer service, and sustainability.

The Beginning of Sales of Off-plan Projects from Countryside Properties

Today, real estate from the developer in Countryside Properties has already been commissioned and sold out. However, several residential complexes are currently under development. You can buy real estate at a bargain price from the developer.

You can choose from 1, 2, or 3-bedroom apartments in Acton Gardens and Quartet, flats in North West Quarter, a luxury mansion in Fornham Place at Marham Park, and other housing options in new buildings. Furthermore, you can become acquainted with real estate options from construction companies Countryside Properties in our catalog.

Completed residential complexes from the Countryside Properties construction company

The construction companies in London, such as Countryside Properties, offer a wide range of real estate, from small apartments in a busy city center to spacious family homes in quiet suburbs. Many developers’ projects are sold out during construction. The company owns ready-made residential complexes such as St. Paul's Square, Dash Hoxton, The Assembly, and others.

It also offers mixed-ownership complexes, including houses for rent or private sale.

Eight reasons to buy real estate from Countryside Properties

  1. Housing from the developer is 27% more energy efficient than the national average.
  2. Buyers receive a 10-year NHBC warranty and real estate insurance.
  3. Owners of houses and apartments will not have the responsibility of finishing anything. The new houses boast modern developments in design and finishing works.
  4. The housing provides its owners with the opportunity to make changes to the interior.
  5. Buyers of real estate can choose different payment schemes.
  6. The developer organizes a special event for residents to get to know their neighbors.
  7. Housing in a new building is ready for occupancy.
  8. The opportunity to purchase real estate for investment.

Countryside Properties' Investment Appeal

Investing in new property in London has several advantages:

  • You are buying a house or apartment that you can move into without carrying the responsibility of repairs.
  • The developer builds houses in popular quarters of the city, attractive to both buyers and tenants.
  • With regular income from short-term rentals, you can receive long-term capital gains as housing prices rise.

The developer has a wide range of houses on show. Such houses can be a good investment, as the developer rents them from the owner for a certain period to show to potential buyers. Demonstration property from Countryside Properties is rented for at least one year with a yield of 5-6%.

Properties For Sale From Countryside Properties

Real estate from Countryside Properties offers eco–friendly housing in prestigious areas of London. These property options will be excellent for both investment and personal use.

Contact our specialists to find out about the best offers from the construction company. Do not miss your chance to buy quality housing at a good price.

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