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Elysian Residences

Elysian Residences
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Elysian Residences offers all the services and amenities you would expect in a five star hotel, including a restaurant, bar, gym, 24 hour concierge, services and support if needed.

The difference is you own your home, with your own front door. You can bring your favourite furniture, treasured possessions and even your pet. If you choose, there is a wealth of activities to take part in, right on your doorstep.

Everything at an Elysian Residence starts with you. We understand that the quality of what we do starts and finishes with the quality of the people we employ. From the weekly housekeeper who understands how you like your pillows plumped, to the General Manager who knows your newspaper, all our staff take the time to learn your tastes and preferences.

Our residences are staffed by a superbly well-trained team and, with someone available 24 hours a day, who will make every effort to accommodate any request (great or small). Our staff are committed to providing an impeccable service every time you want it.

Our team are dedicated to doing all we can to support you in your rich and varied life. From the quality of our properties and facilities, to the distinctive and inspiring mix of experiences and activities we organise, this lifestyle is about making it possible for you to live the life you want, whatever your interests.

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