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Latimer developers, London

The construction company Latimer in London is a development division of the Clarion Housing Group, which builds houses and residential complexes in developed multifunctional areas of the UK.

The history of Clarion dates back to the 19th century when entrepreneur William Sutton invested all his capital in the construction of affordable housing in major cities of England.

Since then, the Clarion Housing Group has been preserving Sutton’s legacy.

Most of the houses that construction companies Latimer builds are suitable for the affordable housing program. However, the developer also has real estate options for direct sale.

The Beginning of Sales of Off-plan Projects from Latimer

If you are planning to buy a property in London, you should pay attention to the new residential complexes from Latimer. For example, you can buy an apartment with 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms in Evergreen, located in London’s prestigious Haringey borough. The apartments have had designer renovations and are energy efficient. In the newly built Brunswick House residential complex in Neasden, you will find a wonderful collection of apartments near Neasden Station and Wembley Park.

Real estate from the developer in Latimer boasts a high quality and excellent location. At the same time, the company offers buyers apartments and houses in various price categories, making it possible to provide housing for many people.

Completed Residential Complexes from the Latimer Construction Company

Latimer is one of the major developers in London, England. The company's portfolio includes a great deal of ready-made residential complexes, as well as new projects that are currently under construction.

The company is engaged not only in the construction of new buildings but also in the restoration of old factories and industrial buildings, such as The Cocoa Works, which used to be a large factory in the city of York. The factory had not been in production for over 10 years. In 2018, the building was acquired by Latimer, and in the autumn of 2022, the former factory opened as a residential complex, offering apartments and penthouses.

The developer also owns new buildings in London, such as Brunswick House, Viewpoint, Windsor Apartments at Prince of Wales Drive, The Boulevard, and many others.

Key Features of the Latimer Developers

Latimer is one of the most famous construction companies in London and strives to build high-quality housing well into the future.

The key principles of the developer's work are:

  • Building socially and environmentally sustainable residential complexes;
  • Striving for high-quality construction and reduction of carbon emissions;
  • Providing affordable housing to residents of England as per national policy;
  • Social orientation: the company has no shareholders, so it does not strive for quick profits;
  • Buying real estate from Latimer is possible as a private sale and in shared ownership, as well as under the "help-to-buy" program.

Latimer's Investment Appeal

Buying a property from Latimer in London is a good opportunity for a reliable investment. The developer builds high-quality housing and selects great areas with advanced social infrastructure, including metro and railway stations, for their residential complexes. The wide range of properties for sale in different price categories makes it possible to buy an apartment or house in the city not only for those with large capital but also for small private investors.

You can rent out London real estate and receive a stable income of 2.5% to 4.5% per annum. Investors can also purchase off-plan properties for resale at a higher price.

Properties for Sale from Latimer

On our website, you can find all the apartments and houses that are currently available from this reliable developer, UK. Our experts will help you choose the best housing option for both personal use and investment. High-quality real estate in new buildings in London at good prices from the developer is sold out very quickly, so don’t delay making your choice.

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