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London Square Developers, London

Founded in 2010, the construction company London Square in London has an impressive portfolio of completed projects, more than 50 prestigious awards, and a reputation as a reliable and customer-oriented enterprise. The developer uses innovative approaches to design and construction, creating high-quality houses that meet all the needs of residents.

The company’s main projects involve the creation of residential complexes in the city and its surroundings, for which the best land within Greater London and the M25 motorway is selected.

The developer is committed to creating exceptional properties that stimulate the development of neighborhoods and set a new standard of living in the UK capital.

The Beginning of Sales of the New Buildings in London Square

Today, you have the opportunity to buy a property from the developer in London Square where the company has started to sell its residential complexes. Buyers can choose accommodation in the following complexes:

  • Bermondsey is a collection of restored historical buildings and new houses around a landscaped square and gardens on a former industrial site;
  • Croydon, with 1-3-bedroom apartments, and amenities on its territory;
  • Lewisham, with landscaped public areas and commercial units.

Many residential complexes from the developer are under construction. This allows buyers to purchase real estate from London Square at the best price. As the construction nears completion, prices will rise.

Completed Residential Complexes from London Square Construction Company

This is one of the largest construction companies in London with a diverse portfolio, which includes multi-apartment high-rise complexes and individual houses in a quiet suburb of the city. The developer owns numerous residential complexes, namely:

  • Bassetts House, offering apartments;
  • a collection of spacious 3- to 6-bedroom houses in Ancaster Gate;
  • Bermondsey Village and Caledonian Road, which offer apartments;
  • a complex of 4-5-bedroom houses in Chigwell Village.

Key Features of London Square

London Square is one of the best-known developers in London, England. They strive to develop the city by creating new houses and restoring old ones.

The company is also developing commercial space in residential complexes to create new jobs and contribute to the economy of the district by attracting investment.

In addition, the developer is actively involved in charity work, supporting schools and hospitals, and participating in various other non-profit projects.

London Square’s Investment Appeal

Today, property for sale in London is one of the most reliable investment tools for local and foreign investors. Buying a home from a reliable developer in London, will save and grow your money because real estate in the British capital is becoming more expensive by 5-10% annually.

Investors can rent out real estate and receive a passive income of 2.5% to 4.5% per year. The exact indicators of housing profitability depend on the location of the complex, its transport accessibility, additional amenities in the residential complex, and other features. You can check all the details with our specialists by asking a question through the form on the website or by contacting them by phone.

You can buy an off-plan property from London Square at a good price to resell it profitably after the residential complex is put into operation.

Properties for Sale from London Square

When buying an apartment or a house from construction companies London Square, you can be sure of the high quality, advantageous location, and convenient social infrastructure of these properties. Choose housing from the developer today, using the convenient search on our website. Our experts will advise you on how to pick up housing and offer the best option based on your preferences.

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