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Indians own more properties in London than the English

Indians own more properties in London than the English

Recent calculations by the developer Barratt London showed that the number of Indians who own real estate in the heart of the United Kingdom exceeded the number of English owners.

These are mostly people that have lived in the country for several generations, followed by non-registered Indians, investors residing in other countries, students and families that came to the former colonial power to receive education. The second nation owning the most properties was the English themselves, with the Pakistani in the third place.

Indian investors continuously residing in their own country or in the United Kingdom are ready to shell out from 290,000 to 450,000 pounds for a one to three-bedroom apartment in the capital.

Stuart Leslie, International Sales and Marketing Director at Barratt London, says that the demand from Indian investors is currently quite high. These businessmen would like to purchase real estate in London for the sake of its stable market promising high returns in the long term. Most of the company’s sales in other areas beyond the capital are to UK nationals who are interested in buy-to-live properties. Investors purchasing exclusively buy-to-rent properties in London for the sake of generating profit account for about 30% of real estate sales to foreign parties.

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