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Apartments and flats in Hammersmith

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Apartments for sale in Hammersmith, London

Surrounded by greenery, Hammersmith is located on the banks of the Thames. This is one of the prestigious areas of the capital of Great Britain, which offers high-end property in London. The thriving community combines villas and residential flats for sale in Hammersmith for foreigners and locals, as well as the headquarters of many well-known companies.

The variety of property types allows you to buy an apartment in Hammersmith, London, England, UK, both for one person and for a large family. A number of new projects are under construction in the area. Here you can buy off-plan apartments in London.

Benefits of Hammersmith

Among the advantages of the area, it is worth noting the developed transport infrastructure, the proximity of the embankment and the favorable environmental conditions. Clean air is provided by a large number of parks. The well-developed plan of the streets makes the area one of the most convenient in the city. There are many cultural natural attractions in the area, including:

  • Revenscourt park.
  • The Hammersmith-Appolo Theatre, which hosts exhibitions, performances and concerts and many other events.
  • Hammersmith Bridge is one of the only two suspension bridges of their kind in the world.

The area is full of pubs, cafes and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Lifestyle in Hammersmith

An apartment in Hammersmith for foreigners allows you to live in a safe area with a minimum level of crime. It is chosen by respectable and wealthy people who want to secure a high standard of living. The area is popular not only for its original architecture and developed infrastructure, but also for a large number of green spaces, proximity to the river and historical parks and reserves on the opposite bank. Families with children prefer this community due to the large number of educational institutions with a high reputation.

Apartment prices in Hammersmith

The cost of apartments in Hammersmith starts from €450,000. This is a price tag for a small a studio. Housing prices depend on the amenities of the project. Modern new apartment projects may have landscaped gardens, recreation areas, playgrounds and other additional options. The more amenities the property offers, the higher the cost of housing becomes. Starting prices for one-bedroom apartments are €550,000. For comparison, in Kensington, prices for apartments with one bedroom start from €632,000. Two-bedroom apartments in Hammersmith can be bought for €1-2 million. For the same amount you can buy a house in London. Up-market properties are sold at a price of € 4 million and more.

Investment apartments in Hammersmith

Apartments in London are a popular investment solution. The city attracts property investors with its economic stability and constant growth in housing prices. Owning an apartment in London is not only prestigious, but also profitable. The cost of Hammersmith apartments wins in comparison with housing prices in other central areas of the metropolis. This allows you to buy a flat in Hammersmith at a lower cost. You can rent out your property and receive passive income, resell it for a higher price or use it as your own home.

We will help you buy an apartment in Hammersmith

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