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Apartments for sale in Kensington, London

Kensington is a prestigious district of London and part of the royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea located on the north bank of the Thames, west of the Westminster district. Elite property in London is concentrated here. Geographically, the district is divided into several parts, each of which has its own characteristics. High-end flats for sale in Kensington are concentrated in the central and western parts; for foreigners, they are a symbol of status and an opportunity to live next to the most successful people in the country and its biggest attractions. In the north-eastern part is Kensington Palace and the famous gardens of the same name, where there is a statue of the fairy-tale hero Peter Pan. In the southern part is the most famous cultural site of the district - the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The area is dominated by low-rise real estate, since the development boom of the area occurred at the end of the 19th century. Stucco fronted Victorian houses sit side by side with traditional red brick buildings. You can buy an apartment in Kensington, London, England, UK, in modern residential projects. However, such offers in this area are limited.

Benefits of Kensington

The area is considered one of the most fashionable in London. Many famous parks and museums of London are concentrated here. The history of the development of Kensington is directly connected with the ruling dynasty of England. Among the main attractions of the area is Kensington Palace, the former royal residence. Now it is open to visitors and houses major world exhibitions. Another interesting building is the exotic Leighton House Museum.

Other attractions in the area include:

  • The Harrods department store with original architectural design;
  • The Royal Albert Hall, a venue for concerts and other cultural events;
  • The Natural History Museum with a great collection of skeletons of dinosaurs.

Residents of apartments in London can enjoy their leisure time in Hyde Park, adjacent to Kensington Gardens. In addition to landscaped green spaces and a large lake, the park has various sports grounds and horseback riding paths.

Lifestyle in Kensington

The area is considered safe for living. Although the borough of Kensington and Chelsea is small in size compared to other boroughs in London, over 160,000 people live here. The population density in Kensington is one of the highest in the British capital. A significant proportion of local residents are young professionals, wealthy families and retirees. The local property is aimed at an audience of different ages. Apartments in Kensington for foreigners are offered in different sizes, which allows you to choose from four-bedroom apartments for couples with children, as well as one-bedroom apartments for single professionals or retirees.

Apartment prices in Kensington

The cost of apartments in Kensington depends what street it is located on, the development project, its size and amenities. Modern new projects may include leisure areas, libraries, gyms, green spaces. The price of up-market apartments in Kensington can reach several million euros.

In general, the cost of apartments in Kensington is more affordable than in Westminster, but more expensive than in Greenwich, where you can buy a studio for €450,000. Studios in Kensington are offered from €500,000. One-bedroom apartments can be purchased for €700,000, but this is the starting price for housing in an old house and not in the most prestigious part of the area. There are offers of one-bedroom apartments at a price of €1 million and more. Residences with three bedrooms can be purchased in the price range from €1.5 million to 4 million.

Investment in apartments in Kensington

London real estate is more attractive to foreign investors compared to property in most other major cities in the world. Buyers are attracted by the stability of the country: economic crises do not affect the cost of housing. You can buy a flat in Kensington to save money from inflation. The annual capitalization of the value and the high demand for housing allows it to be resold at a higher price at any time. You can also buy an apartment in Kensington for investment in order to rent it out and receive a stable income. The rental market in London is traditionally a market for landlords, not tenants.

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