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Houses in Kensington

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Houses for sale in Kensington, London

Kensington is a London neighborhood with a classic British flavor. It has great Victorian museums, parks, brand name boutiques, squares, and beautiful streets with townhouses. All this encourages the wealthy foreigners to invest in houses in Kensington and stay there for permanent residence.

This prestigious area draws thousands of tourists and creates beneficial investment opportunities for expats. Some of them are planning to buy real property in London, especially after the exploration of the city. Buying villas in Kensington for expats is available at affordable prices. More options for houses and apartments from leading real estate developers in London can be found on the London real estate website!

Advantages of Kensington

The area of Kensington is bounded by Kensington High Street to the south, Notting Hill to the north, Holland Park to the west and Hyde Park to the east. This is the area of the best houses for sale in London. It is also home to some of London's most iconic institutions including Kensington Palace and Albert Hall, London's Royal Hall of Arts and Sciences.

There are plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants in the area that forces people to buy villa in Kensington. The most famous establishments in Kensington are Maggie Jones - a Michelin-starred Kitchen W8 restaurant; and Sticky Fingers. It is also home to the popular Churchill Arms pub, whose braided building has flowers and climbing plants on the outside.

Kensington's cultural life is just as rich. There's the Design Museum, with workshops and an ever-expanding lineup of exhibitions. The area's iconic landmark is the 19th century time capsule preserved by the Victorian Society at 18 Stafford Terrace.

Fans of cultural events will appreciate Albert Hall's packed program. It hosts about 350 different events each year, including concerts, opera, and ballet performances.

The area is also home to the iconic Kensington Gardens, one of London's Royal Parks, and Holland Park, located to the west of downtown Kensington.

Borough has an elaborate public transport system. Within walking distance are the Piccadilly, Circle and District subway lines. There are also many bus routes running through the area. Such a convenient location allows Kensington residents and visitors to quickly reach the West End, West London and South London. Such a highly beneficial location attracts businessmen and investors from all over the world, which have desires to buy Kensington home.

House Prices in Kensington

Houses in Kensington, London, England, the UK have status value. The real estate market features higher cost on the real estate in the area than in other parts of London due to the historical, geographical and cultural characteristics of the area. To date, the average cost of a house in Kensington is €2,655,998 if we are talking about a detached house.

Depending on the type of building, the average cost of other homes in the area is:

  • detached house - €2,655,998;
  • semi-detached house - 10 466 889 €;
  • terraced (row house) - 4 292 984 €.

The current prices in euro and dollars for property of interest to you in the British capital are published on the website "London".

Investment house in Kensington

You can buy a house or a villa in Kensington to invest in and start renting it out. According to a number of data from local real estate agencies, the average return on investment in real estate in the area is 4% per year. Depending on the number of bedrooms, location and other individual features of the property, this figure can vary.

The site "London" offers liquid villas in Kensington for foreigners. Villas in Kensington for investment and permanent residence are in high demand among expats. Their offers are published here as well as published verified real estate developers in London and benefits of investment house in Kensington.

Buy house in Kensington

Planning to buy an apartment in London or start investing in houses in Kensington? Contact the experts at London to find your dream property as house investment in Kensington is always a good choice. Managers will provide detailed information about real estate in London and, as well as provide comprehensive support in mortgage, in the process of preparation and execution of the sale of a house.