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Houses in Paddington

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Houses for sale in Paddington, London

Paddington is a famous area in central London, part of the borough of Westminster City. It is home to the legendary train station and the London Underground station of the same name. Previously Paddington was a separate London borough, but after 1956 it was merged with Greater London and Westminster.

Paddington has long been recognized as one of the most prestigious areas of the British capital. It has excellent transport links and a thriving local community. All this attracts people and encourages businessmen and investors to buy villas in Paddington for investment and permanent residence. If you intend to buy real estate in London, for investment and living, interested in an area with easy access to the city center and convenient infrastructure – the district deserves your attention.

Advantages of Paddington

Due to the neighborhood's high foot traffic, Paddington is constantly flooded with tourists and Londoners for whom it is the main transfer point between Bristol and Bath. In many ways, this is why the area is considered one of the most international in London.

Paddington is an ideal place for family life. It is a 10 minute walk from Hyde Park and all of London's major attractions. For example, the Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum is located here. The main commercial streets running through the area are Edgewater Road and Prede Street. Most of the café restaurants, street eateries, stores and supermarkets, as well as pubs and bars, are located here. Edgewater Road is also home to the Grosvenor Casino and the Marble Arch Odeon Cinema.

One of Paddington's best restaurants is Bel Canto with classic English and Italian cuisine. One of the more affordable eateries is Fettler and Firkin Pub & Pizzeria.

There are several renowned institutions of higher learning in the area, including Hammersmith University and the educational affiliate of St. Mary's Campus Hospital.

The neighborhood is also home to the Fleming Library, which contains rare periodicals. For the youngest book lovers, there is Paddington Children's Library.

If you buy Paddington home, you should know the main attraction of the neighborhood - Paddington Station. From here you can get to Bristol, Oxford, Plymouth and Wales, all important parts of West London. From here you can take the Heathrow Express to central London in no time. The high-speed train runs every 15 minutes. You can also use bus and tube routes.

As you see, Paddington is an ideal place for permanent residence and enjoying the beautiful present and historical past.

House Prices in Paddington

The houses in Paddington, London, England, the UK are mostly characterized by classic Victorian architecture. There are paved walkways, trees and shrubs everywhere, thanks to which an ineffable atmosphere of coziness and mystery is created.

As an alternative to the old housing stock, consider the more modern options for expats. Paddington Waterside is a 20-year mixed-use development covering 80 acres of land. It already has new offices and more than 1,100 new apartments, with another 1,200 to be built over the next five years. Part of Paddington Waterside, Merchant Square, overlooking the Paddington Basin Canal, is a complex of six separate buildings around a new public square. If you are planning to buy an apartment in London, it is worth paying attention to these locations.

In the near future will be launched the project 1 Merchant Square. It is a 41-storey building which will be the tallest in Westminster and will have 222 apartments, a hotel with 90 rooms and a restaurant on the top floor. Along with this, buying villas in Paddington for expats sounds extremely advantageous.


The average unit price of a property in Paddington over the past year was €1,279,448. Below are the prices of houses for sale in Paddington for potential foreign buyers.

  • detached house - no properties available;
  • semi-detached house - €4,022,700;
  • terraced (row) house - €2,365,543.

To find out the price in euro and dollars of a Paddington villa or another property you are interested in, visit the directory on the London website.

Investment House in Paddington

Since Paddington is one of London's most famous neighborhoods and a popular tourist destination in the city, house investment in Paddington can be a great option for preserving and increasing capital in the long run.

According to some sources, the average rental return in Paddington is 3.4% per year. Choice of the right type of property may increase the return significantly.

To successfully select a liquid property and invest in a villa in Paddington competently, contact our experts!

Buy house in Paddington

On the London website you can find all the information on available properties for foreigners and mortgage in the UK real estate market, get acquainted with popular real estate developers in London, and become aware of overall house investment in Paddington. The prices on the website are mentioned in euro and dollars for your convenience.