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Property for sale in Stonebridge, London

Stonebridge is a residential community in the Borough of Brent, which forms the western part of Harlesden, the northwest suburb of London. The A404 road runs through this locality. To the south, Stonebridge borders on the railway and to the west, on the North Circular Road with Stonebridge Park Station. This community used to be notorious for the dysfunctional Stonebridge Estates built in the 1960s. They were fully renovated in the 2000s, so the population and lifestyle in Stonebridge took a drastic turn to the better, making it more suitable for expats with children.

Before the 1950s, the locality badly needed renovation. In 1950, the authorities started implementing a large-scale restoration that spanned 100 acres of land. As a result, over 2,000 residential units were built, most of them in high-rise buildings.

Today, Stonebridge is a quiet neighborhood with an unhurried pace of living, modern properties, and a unique atmosphere. You can buy property in London, specifically in Stonebridge, by choosing one of the options on the London Realestate website.

Advantages of Stonebridge

The locality was named after a stone bridge built in the late 17th century, when most bridges in London and in England as a whole were made of wood. The majority of renovations in Stonebridge occurred after the year 2000 thanks to the Stonebridge Housing Action Trust and under Housing Act 1988. The developed renovation program included rebuilding 1,775 houses in the Stonebridge Estate by implementing innovative solutions to combat the economic and social problems faced by local residents.  

In 2008, this project was recognized by the European Urban and Regional Planning Award in the nomination “Community Involvement in Planning” for “exemplary approach to community involvement”. The core work on comprehensive renovation of housing built in the 1960s and the 1970s was completed by 2010.

The developers focused on creating amenities within the community and reequipping streets in compliance with the conventional planning. Public spaces were also transformed in the borough. Stonebridge now boasts many trees, bushes, and other green plants.

Shops, cafés, and a park are available to residents of real estate in Stonebridge. There is a railway station and bus service, making permanent residence here a great choice for foreigners.

Property types and prices

Properties in Stonebridge, London, England, United Kingdom currently consist of two, three, and four-bedroom houses. One and two-bedroom apartments in apartment blocks are also examples of real estate for sale in Stonebridge.

Over the past year, sales of 23 houses and 33 apartments have been recorded in this locality. Properties for sale in Stonebridge cost an average of €701,126 in the case of houses and €416,257 in the case of apartments.

As for the lowest property prices, Stonebridge has options of snug furnished studios for €114,281. If you would like to buy real estate in Stonebridge in the higher-end segment, you should be prepared to pay €1,840,000 for a four-bedroom terraced house.

If you are looking for a house in London, buying property in Stonebridge for expats is easy and convenient on the London website that lists all available properties with prices in euros and dollars.

Investment property in Stonebridge

A buy-to-live property in this community is probably a more promising option for savvy businessmen and investors than investing in real estate in Stonebridge for the sake of short-term profit through reselling or leasing it.

You should invest in Stonebridge property if you are pursuing a long-term capital investment strategy. The value of housing with good transport accessibility to the downtown London tends to grow, so you can buy property for investment in Stonebridge today for a low price and resell it in a few years, making a profit due to the price growth.

Buy property in Stonebridge

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