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Property for sale in Greenwich, London

Greenwich is an affluent suburb within the Greater London, on the southern bank of the Thames in the United Kingdom. The standard of living is high in this borough. Greenwich is also called the Royal Borough and the sea gate of London. It gained popularity among tourists because of the Greenwich Royal Observatory with the Prime Meridian running through it – the starting point of counting the Earth’s longitude lines and time zones.

Real estate in Greenwich is among the most unusual in England. Tourists are also attracted by its picturesque waterfronts and numerous cultural and historical heritage sites. Businessmen and investors from other countries who are planning to invest in Greenwich property will find this borough a comfortable and exciting place to live.

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Advantages of Greenwich

Whatever your tastes are, the lifestyle in Greenwich is sure to suit buyers looking for a new vacation home or permanent residence.

There are many eateries to any taste here – fast food joints, cafés, and restaurants. Various shops and art centers welcome visitors all year round. In Greenwich, you can play golf, ride a boat on the Thames, take a walk in a blooming garden, or feed squirrels in a huge park. This upscale borough has several schools, hospitals, and shopping malls, as well as a museum and four railway stations.

This is a perfect combination of nature, English architecture, and urban entertainment 15 minutes away from the center of London by subway, bus, or ferry.

The history of this borough has close ties with the Thames, the major river of London. This is one of four London boroughs to have the Royal status. When the Old Royal Naval College became the University of Greenwich, the flourishing student community replaced young naval officers who used to stay here.

The university and the influx of tourists make the ancient Greenwich seem happy and easygoing. Sir Christopher Wren, the famous British architect of the 17th century who built the St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, left his trace in Greenwich too. He designed the local College, the St. Alfege Church, and the Royal Observatory. A special line on the ground next to the Observatory marks the Prime Meridian – the place where the time count begins and ends. The borough’s general architecture with its marvelous buildings looks truly regal. The Greenwich landscape is varied, descending from the hill with the Observatory to the Thames. Here, you can find both exquisite quiet alleys for walking in the neat and trimmed Greenwich Park and numerous entertainment venues where the industrial peninsula used to be and the O2 Arena currently stands to host performances by the world’s most famous artists.

The local real estate market includes plenty of terraced houses in the Victorian and Edwardian style, as well as modernist houses dating back to the early 20th century. The center of the borough is in the bustling market square surrounded by street cafés, boutiques, and classic British pubs. Greenwich is connected to the center of London and Canary Wharf by well-designed and diverse transport routes. You can reach Canary Wharf via a pedestrian crossing underneath the Thames. The ease of commuting made this area popular among working professionals.

The local Council invested £20 million in decorating and modernizing the borough for the London 2012 Olympics. The Greenwich Park hosted equestrian events. The borough’s recreational amenities were improved during the renovation and the new Greenwich Pier was built. If you are planning to buy an apartment in London and enjoy steady living, real estate for sale in Greenwich is definitely worth a look.

Property types and prices

Properties in Greenwich, London, England, United Kingdom are often rich in history. This borough is full of ancient houses, immaculate contemporary mansions, as well as parks and lawns where you can rest from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The southern part of Greenwich remained rural until the late 19th century. However, Riverside, an area to the north of Greenwich (a small town at that time), was developing quickly. It was famous for fishing industry. The Palace of Placentia was located on the bank of the River Thames in Greenwich. The Old Royal Navy College now stands in its place. Henry VIII and his daughter, Queen Elizabeth I, were born in this palace. Aristocrats were drawn there, so Greenwich turned into an affluent town with magnificent houses. In 1897, the Blackwall Tunnel was built underneath the Thames to connect the Greenwich Peninsula to the northern bank. Since its commissioning, Greenwich has been developing as one of London boroughs.

The North Greenwich industrial district was prosperous for many years but its industry gradually fell into disarray. By mid-1980s, the peninsula was all but abandoned. Its fate took a turn to the better in 1997, when this location was selected for the construction of the Millennium Dome.

Georgian and Victorian architecture dominates in the center and in the west of the borough, exuding a sophisticated vibe. Ashburnham, a popular sub-community, features later-date Victorian houses. Development to the east of the Park is a mixture of two-bedroom cottages and classic Victorian terraced houses with three or four bedrooms. You can also find new homes and riverside apartments in the north of the Greenwich Peninsula.

Property prices in Greenwich depend on the location, property type, and its individual features. You can get an insight into properties for sale in Greenwich based on a few examples of listed homes:

  • One-bedroom riverside apartment in SE10 Greenwich – €484,773
  • Two-bedroom apartment at 19 Greenwich High Road – €642,470
  • Three-bedroom apartment with a terrace in Guildford Grove – €874,099
  • Two-bedroom house in the Greenwich Peninsula Project – €697,372

You can view prices of other houses in London in the catalog on the London website.

Investment property in Greenwich

Real estate investment in Greenwich is particularly interesting for foreigners. According to London analysts, the actual return on investment depends on the local prices and rent. The average gross yield from long-term rent is 3.1% across Greenwich. As for sub-communities, the return in Eltham is 3.6%, in Woolwich, 3.4%, and in Thamesmead, 4.9%.

The average selling price of a Greenwich property was €716,750 over the past year. Different property types sell at different prices. If you are interested in investing in real estate in Greenwich, here is the average cost of local properties in the last 12 months:

  • Single-family house – €1,674,670
  • Twin house – €969,726
  • Terraced house – €858,175
  • Apartments – €534,948

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Buy property in Greenwich

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