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Houses in Greenwich

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Houses for sale in Greenwich, London

Investing in houses in one of London's most popular areas, can be an excellent choice for first time real estate businessmen and investors intending to buy property in London. The area is located on the south bank of the River Thames and has a high quality of life. Throughout the world, this noble suburb of London is famous for its Greenwich Observatory, founded in the late 17th century. This is the place where the zero meridian lies, forming the baseline of time zones.

Greenwich has some of the most unusual houses for expats for sale in England. It also has a lot of cultural and historical sites, entertainment venues, parks and scenic embankments.

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Advantages of Greenwich

Everyone can find a comfortable new home in Greenwich, no matter what lifestyle you prefer. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants, bars, and pubs in the area. There are various souvenir shops, art and culture centers, as well as many stores and shopping centers. The considerably developed infrastructure will force any foreigner to buy villa in Greenwich.

Nature lovers can enjoy a round of golf, boating, or walking along the waterfront. And for the culturally enriching, visit the museums or the Royal Observatory. There are several schools, hospitals, four train stations, and shopping centers in the area. Central London can be reached in just 15 minutes by tube. It takes a little longer to get there by bus or ferry. You can cross the Thames by underwater vehicular and pedestrian tunnels.

The Borough is a harmonious blend of classic English architecture and modern urban lifestyle.

There is always a high level of tourist activity in the area. Numerous foreigners maintain the already traditional London friendly multicultural atmosphere. Within Greenwich there are numerous avenues and a well-kept Greenwich Park.

Houses Prices in Greenwich

Talking about the real estate market in Greenwich, there are a number of Edwardian and Victorian terraced houses in the borough. Victorian and Georgian architecture dominate the center and west of the borough, which ensures that these communities retain a sophisticated vintage flavor. East of Greenwich Park, the development is a mix of two-bedroom Victorian terraced houses and three- to four-bedroom cottages. There are modern apartments and houses for sale in north Greenwich.

If you are thinking about buying a house or an apartment in London and still have enough capital, the community is one of the places you should definitely consider.

The cost of a house in Greenwich can vary depending on the configuration of the property, its location and individual features. In any case, house investment in Greenwich offers great opportunities for everyone.

Buying villas in Greenwich for expats is absolutely affordable. Over the last year, the average price of a unit in Greenwich was €699,084. Below are the prices depending on the type of property:

  • detached house - €1,648,681;
  • semi-detached house - 954 678 €;
  • terraced house - 844,857 €.

Investment house in Greenwich

Houses in Greenwich are of great investment interest to foreigners. Given the combination of the individual characteristics of the area, its convenient location in relation to the city center, the great cultural value and comfortable living conditions, investing in a villa in Greenwich is not only attractive in terms of permanent residence, but also profitable. In 2022, according to some data, the average rental return in the borough is 3.1% per year. Depending on the specific location of the house, that figure can vary and is different. For example, the Thamesmead community records the highest rental return at 4.9% per year. The Eltham and Woolwich communities have 3.6% and 3.4%, respectively. So, villas in Greenwich for investment and permanent residence are equally beneficial.

Buy House in Greenwich

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