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  • How to get a residence permit in the UK?

    Real estate in London and other popular UK cities has always been in demand among foreign nationals planning to relocate to the country for the sake of study, work, business, or family reunion. About 14% of the UK population is foreign-born. 35% of them reside in London. Before relocating, foreigners have to prepare a set of documents...

  • A “hidden” house in London with a secret entrance is selling for £3.4 million

    A stylish three-level house in a former warehouse literally hidden away behind Aria, a homeware and furniture store, is listed for sale. The property is located in the very heart of London – in the posh Islington district and was remodeled and renovated by Kennedy Twaddle Architects. The seller’s asking price is £3.4 million ($3...

  • Indians own more properties in London than the English

    Recent calculations by the developer Barratt London showed that the number of Indians who own real estate in the heart of the United Kingdom exceeded the number of English owners. These are mostly people that have lived in the country for several generations, followed by non-registered Indians, investors residing in other countries, students and...

  • London is the favorite investment location among Hong Kong investors

    London is the favorite investment location for Hong Kong construction companies and developers. For instance, CK Asset Holdings that belongs to the tycoon Li Ka-shing is building the Convoys Wharf Project worth 1 billion pounds in the southeast London. Knight Dragon Developments backed by the billionaire Henry Cheng Kar-shun is investing the same...

  • London is recognized as the best city in the world by the number of free tourist attractions

    Experts from Radical Storage, a baggage storage provider, analyzed the data from 22.9 million reviews of 146,000 tourist landmarks and attractions on TripAdvisor. According to the results of this study, London ranked first by the number of free pastimes. Although the capital of the United Kingdom is deservedly considered to be one of the most...

  • Hong Kong developer Chinachem purchased TikTok’s London headquarters for $182 million

    Chinachem Group, a construction holding from Hong Kong, paid £158.5 million ($182 million) for the London office building rented by the developer of the popular short-video app. The modern Kaleidoscope skyscraper in the center of the capital has green & sustainable certifications and a 5,000-square-foot rooftop terrace. In March 2021,...

  • The process of acquiring real estate in the UK for foreigners

    Foreign citizens who plan to relocate to the United Kingdom or stay in the country for a long period most often decide to purchase real estate in London or another advanced city. How to buy a home in Great Britain in 2023, how to become a property owner for citizens of the Russian Federation, and the property taxes in the UK for non-residents. We...

  • Middle East investors are increasingly interested in London real estate

    Investors from Middle East countries are growing increasingly interested in London real estate due to a favorable dirham-to-pound exchange rate. They are particularly enthusiastic about inexpensive properties in the capital’s outer areas where a higher return can be achieved. For instance, prices in Ridgeway Views in Mill Hill (a London...

  • House prices across the United Kingdom are soaring following the London trend

    The growth of house prices in London reached a six-year height in August. Prices in the country as a whole have followed suit. Halifax, one of the UK’s largest mortgage banks, reported that real estate prices rose by 0.4% over the past month after a 0.1% dip in July. As a result, the average home price reached a record-setting amount of...

  • Foreigners’ pros and cons of living in London

    London is an extremely sought-after city among foreigners, and Russian nationals are no exception. The rich history of the British capital, its cultural attractions, and modern infrastructure have made the local property market one of the most investment-attractive in the world. However, real estate in London attracts a demand not only from...

  • Tabung Haji purchased a building in London for 247.5 million pounds

    Although the global political and economic forecasts are not exceedingly optimistic nowadays, the demand for London real estate remains consistently high. Investors have noticed a slight shift towards the buyer’s market over the past few months and consider it a profit-generating opportunity. For instance, Lembaga Tabung Haji, an Islamic...

  • Co-living spaces in London solve the problem of high rent

    Co-living is a model of non-family members living on the same premises together. Such an approach has been gaining steam and has lately considerably changed the life in London and the United Kingdom as a whole. This idea became even more popular due to the emergence of housing startups many of which offer affordable living quarters in apartments...

  • Asian investors are returning to the recovering UK real estate market

    The real estate market of the United Kingdom slumped due to the risk of a no-deal Brexit after January 31, 2020. At the same time, the coronavirus started spreading around the planet, which was significantly affecting the economy because of lockdowns and a ban on cross-border travel. However, the market is now normalizing and again becoming...

  • An overview of prices and potential for the housing market in London for 2022-2023

    Real estate in London remains one of the most investment-attractive assets in the world. The British capital city attracts residential investors and end-users due to its well-developed infrastructure, strong tourism sector, business opportunities, and high quality of life. Below, we will discuss the way apartment prices in London 2022 have...

  • Investment guidelines or where to put money with low risk

    The COVID-19 pandemic, the military conflict in Ukraine, and the withdrawal of foreign companies from the Russian market are all factors that are hurting the country’s economy and citizens’ incomes. Russians have to think about where to invest properly and which assets have the lowest risk for owners. What is the benefit of...